Spanish Moon Moth

© Letizia Morley 2017

To my ongoing series of butterflies I have added this new painting of a Spanish Moon Moth, which I know isn’t a butterfly but it is just as colourful as one, if not more. Both moths and butterflies fall under the order of Lepidoptera and many moths are just as showy as butterflies so there isn’t as much of a difference as you might think.  The Spanish Moon Moth’s scientific name is Graellsia isabella. It is native to Spain, as you would expect, and parts of France. It feeds exclusively on pine needles high in the Alps and the Pyrenees. This is a digital painting done on my iPad Pro.

Blue Common Buckeye Butterfly (digital painting)

© Letizia Morley 2017

Another butterfly painting…just can’t get enough of them! This is a somewhat more rare type of the Common Buckeye (Junonia coenia) called the Blue Buckey butterfly. Common Buckeyes have mostly drab browns and oranges but the Blue variety have really nice purples and blues to counter the warm browns and oranges. This particular one I chose to paint because of the dazzling variety of colors it has. Mesmerizing patterns, too. The Buckeye butterfly is found throughout North and South America. Just because it’s “Common” doesn’t mean it’s not outstanding!

“Waiting for the Ballet Class to Begin” (oil on panel)

© 2014 Letizia Morley

My all-time favorite painting, of my daughter at her 5 year olds’ ballet class. I like the way the late afternoon sunlight gleams over the wood floors and glows on the pink tutus. My favorite aspect of the painting is the distinct personalities of the girls conveyed by their postures. I don’t think any of them was too excited to be there and you can tell. Parents don’t get to observe the class except twice a year so on this rare occasion I took many photos to use as references for my painting.

I didn’t set out to do a painting inspired by Degas’ famous ballerina paintings but it ended up seeming that way.

Note: the painting is signed “DeLorme” since that is my maiden name and also my pseudonym for some of my oil paintings.  Continue reading ““Waiting for the Ballet Class to Begin” (oil on panel)”

Grazing horses in Port Meadow, Oxford, England (oil on panel)

© Letizia Morley 2013

For four summers, my husband studied at Oxford University for a master’s and I went each time for a short visit. Here is a place I loved to visit: the common pasture beyond the city called Port Meadow, where anyone with livestock could let their animals graze. The Thames river ran by it (it is in the background behind the line of trees) and there were always cows and horses peacefully moving through the landscape, with the sounds of birds and the river around them.  Continue reading “Grazing horses in Port Meadow, Oxford, England (oil on panel)”

St. Josaphat’s Monastery Cloisters (oil on canvas)

© Letizia Morley 2013
During one of my outdoor landscape painting classes through the Long Island Academy of Fine Arts, we went to an erstwhile mansion, now Christian Orthodox monastery in Glen Cove.Here is the view from the expansive gardens behind the mansion.

Still life with lemons and geraniums (watercolor painting)

© Letizia Morley 2010  Photo: Bruce Jeffrey

This lovely scene was hard NOT to paint. I like how the shiny rinds of the lemons turned out, especially against the sheen of the ceramic bowl (shaped and painted to look like a large lettuce leaf). Geraniums are always a favorite as well.  Continue reading “Still life with lemons and geraniums (watercolor painting)”