Isaiah Calligraphy in Scottish Celtic Knot

© Letizia Morley 2017

Hot off the press! I just finished this illuminated calligraphy piece yesterday in preparation for making some Christmas cards on my Zazzle shop. This has passages from Isaiah 7 and 9 about Immanuel, the Son of God. I used the Uncial script, which dates to the 3rd century and was developed in the British Isles. The Celtic Knot is Scottish in style. I am pretty happy with how this turned out and plan to make more like it. 

Lino Cut Christmas Cards

© Letizia Morley 2016

Trying my hand at Lino cut prints this past week, making Christmas cards. Still a work in progress on this design but it is supposed to be a wreath with dried oranges, cinnamon sticks and pine cones. It’s been a long time since I tried anything not 2D so it was a bit challenging.  

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