Orange, Cinnamon Stick and Pinecone Wreath Card

© Letizia Morley 2017

I have been busy designing Christmas cards for my Zazzle shop and have done a slew using this digital painting of a beautiful wreath made of dried oranges (both slices and whole), cinnamon sticks, star anise, and white tipped pine cones on a twig frame. The colour was hard to capture in a photo due to lighting but you get the basic picture. Like everything in Zazzle, the words both on the outside and inside of the card, as well as the placement of the image, can be customized. For example, you can change the colour and font.

Here’s the link if you are interested.

St Andrews Golf Christmas Ornament

So far in my Zazzle store online, this item has sold better than the others within the Christmas category. If you visit the link, you’ll see that the back is completely customizable so you can change the color of the background and write whatever text you like, such as “Smith Family trip to Scotland, 2017”. I like this photo of the famous Old Course since we rarely have snow here in St Andrews.  Continue reading “St Andrews Golf Christmas Ornament”

Orange, Cinnamon and Pine Cone Wreath Zazzle Card

New realist digital painting of mine that I made into a greeting card. In local stores I often see beautiful wreaths made with dried oranges and cinnamon sticks and they inspired me to paint this. I like the contrast between the vivid oranges and the dark green-blue wood background and love the textures of the pine cones and fruit. Great for any occasion in autumn or winter, but especially Christmas. I hope you enjoy it! Continue reading “Orange, Cinnamon and Pine Cone Wreath Zazzle Card”

Little Ballerinas Zazzle Birthday Card

My new customizable greeting card for any little girl who loves to dance. The message inside says, “We are so proud of you, our sweet girl! Have a wonderful birthday!” This is an impressionist painting I did of my daughter’s ballet class when she was about 4 or 5. Some friends and family say this is very reminiscent of Degas’ famous ballerina paintings but I didn’t set out to paint something in this style—it just happened. The girls were waiting for the class to begin and had such interesting and different body postures (from left to right): bored, rather defiant, getting last minute wiggles out, tired, and a bit hesitant. I’ll let you guess which one is my daughter. 🙂

The cool thing about Zazzle is that you can customize almost anything about a particular product. For this card, you can reposition and resize the image on the front and can change any of the words both on the outside and the inside. Please have a look at my other products if you are interested: for US and for UK. Other countries also available using the country abbreviation in place of “uk” as shown here.

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Autumn Landscape Greeting Card


Greeting card, blank on the inside, of one of my oil paintings. Autumn/fall theme appropriate for the season. Zazzle is available also in many other countries. Go to and fill in your country code after xx to see my shop in your currency. Support a poor starving artist! 😬

Nessie Birthday Card

A humorous birthday card with a message inside saying: “You’re a rare find. Have a wonderful birthday! Warm wishes,…”. I’ve put my cartoon Nessie in my photo of Urquhart Castle over Loch Ness. Available online at my Zazzle Store. Please check it out!

Nessie T-Shirt: Believe in Yourself!


A new t-shirt design I made recently inspired by my trip to Loch Ness, featuring a cute cartoon of the Loch Ness Monster (“Nessie”) swimming along and saying, “Believe in Yourself!”

The color of the shirt and the font can be customizable.

Available at my Zazzle store:

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