Book of Durrow Celtic knot carpet page

This is a version of a ‘carpet page’ decoration in the Book of Durrow, an 8th century illuminated manuscript from the British Isles done in the Insular style. Carpet pages were pages where the illumination filled the entire space rather than having a mixture of writing and painting, and also the image looks rather like a carpet.

© Letizia Morley 2019

Orange, Cinnamon & Pine Cone Wreath

One day in December a couple years ago, I was passing by a home furnishing store in my town and noticed a gorgeous natural wreath made with dried oranges and cinnamon sticks. It really caught my eye and I went home to find a reference photo and start a digital painting of it. Here is the result.


© Letizia Morley 2017

Thistle Celtic Knot in Gold, Red and Green

© Letizia Morley 2018

Happy 2018! I usually go to bed relatively early on New Year’s Eve for some reason.

Trying to get back to my artwork after the holidays is a little difficult since my kids have been off school since the 22nd of December and it’s HARD to get things done when they’re home all day. However, I managed to eke out this design the last few days and am happy with it. I will put it on some products in my Zazzle shop and hope it sells!

The design comes from a medieval Greek illuminated manuscript that I adapted to make more Scottish.

Tropical Butterfly Designs in my Zazzle Shop

This was a digital painting done in the Procreate app on my iPad, which I then used to design this mug. Available in 11-ounce and 15-ounce sizes.
Microwave and dishwasher safe. Price: $17.90 and £14.40 UK. Visit for the UK product.
Also available in 11-ounce and 15-ounce sizes. Price: $17.90 US and £14.40 in UK. For UK product go to
Price: $28.45 in USD, not available in my UK currently. Dimensions: 12″ x 16″
100% brushed polyester is wrinkle free. High tensile strength fabric makes for long lasting quality.  Hidden zipper enclosure; synthetic-filled insert included.
Inserts are hypoallergenic and filled with a faux down polyester fiber.
Machine washable, able to retain color and resist shrinkage. Made in the USA.
Night Light with Green Tailed Jay butterfly. Price: $24.55 in US but currently not available in my UK shop.
Dimensions: 3.7″w x 4″h x 1.5″. Light bulb included. Type A plug, compatible with sockets in USA, Canada, Mexico and Japan. Images printed in full color on Mylar and inserted in night-light, assembled with plastic protective cover.
**Zazzle also is available in many other countries. Simply type in “” and fill in your country abbreviation after “co.”. Then you type in my name in the search bar and my products should come up. Currency and language will be that of whatever country you’re in but not all my products are available across all countries.

Red Spotted Purple Butterfly (Digital Painting)

© Letizia Morley 2017

I have recently been trying out an app on my iPad called Procreate. It is a pared down, intuitive digital painting app made specifically for iPads that, in my opinion, perfectly mimics traditional mediums. There are hundreds of different brushes and effects, and here I’ve used felt-tip pen, spray paint, charcoal and watercolor brushes to create this painting of a red-spotted purple butterfly. Its scientific name is Limenitis arthemis astyanax, member of the admiral butterfly family, native to the Eastern United States.