Onion comic

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away. An onion a day keep everyone away.” So true, so true. Although come to think of it, an entire raw garlic bunch a day would be worse.

© Letizia Morley 2019

“92 Year-Old Neighbor” Comic

© Letizia Morley 2017

Hi everyone, having a good Saturday I hope? Here is a rough draft of a comic I made a few months ago about a real-life experience I had with my son. Yes, it really happened as so. Kids…at what point do they realize that you can’t speak your mind all the time? For a while, a couple years ago, I did more comics than anything else such as painting or calligraphy. It is refreshing to go back and re-read those to get a chuckle or two. 

“Fighting like Cats and Dogs” (one panel comic)

By Letizia Morley

For those of you who have kids, as I do, you will relate to this simple black and white comic. For some reason, my two kids just CANNOT get along lately. They are 5 years apart and different genders so you’d think this would not be a problem. In this illustration, the cat is my daughter and the dog is my son. I got a big laugh out of drawing this, but then got back to yelling at them to stop making so much noise. It’s this being stuck inside the house too long that is to blame, right? I really wonder what the neighbors think.