Bagpipe Player on Royal Mile, Edinburgh (Black and White Photograph)

© Letizia Morley 2016

When you walk down the Royal Mile in the old town area of Edinburgh, Scotland, you will often come across a bagpipe player or two playing for spare change. More often than not there will be tourists taking photos of him. I wasn’t much different but I wanted to take a slightly ironic photo of other tourists snapping this quintessentially Scottish scene. Edinburgh is a city well worth visiting, multiple times. Wear practical shoes because it is HILLY. Built on 7 hills, to be exact, Edinburgh’s streets will give you a good workout as well as dazzle you with its sights.  Continue reading “Bagpipe Player on Royal Mile, Edinburgh (Black and White Photograph)”

St Andrews Cathedral, Scotland, in Snow (black and white photo)

© Letizia Morley 2017

On a very rare snowy day in St Andrews, I took a quick walk out to the Cathedral to catch the scene before it all melted. The ruins of the cathedral usually look pretty depressing against the often-grey skies but the snow brightened up the scene remarkably, changing the whole tone for the better.

North Sea with Breakers (black and white photograph)

© Letizia Morley 2017

It was a blustery and bitterly cold day in St Andrews as I walked near the West Sands beach by the North Sea to find some good shooting opportunities. The breakers were pretty big, some even surging up over the railing where I was standing and getting a few drops on my coat. Sometimes one forgets the power of the elements. I made the photo kind of “noir” to encapsulate the mysterious power of the wind and waves.
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Little Dancers at Class (Black and White Photo)

© Letizia Morley 2012

A look inside a beginners’ ballet and tap class, before the lesson begins. The teacher is off in the corner starting up the music while the girls idle away the last few minutes before the warmups. I think the expressions and postures of each girl are so interesting. The one on the far right might have woken from a nap recently and may have been dragged here against her wishes, the girl to her left seems to be jumping up and down, perhaps in anticipation. The girl in the middle is getting out her wiggles, and the two girls on the left seem to be enjoying their conversation. The composition reminds me a bit of a Degas painting.
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Dunfermline Abbey Church Side Aisle, Scotland

© 2017 Letizia Morley

It was twilight in the church of Dunfermline Abbey as I hastily took this photo. Besides a couple lights along the walls, the ancient church was dark and silent. This part of the church is not used, so the interior of the building is completely empty of pews, altars, paintings, statues. Imagine the echoing footsteps of the last tourists of the day, the last cold rays of January light filtering down from the small high windows, the solid pillars keeping watch over the royal graves inside. Robert the Bruce, the king of Scotland from 1306 to 1329, lies here.

Dunfermline Abbey Church, Dunfermline, Scotland

© 2017 Letizia Morley

I recently visited Dunfermline Abbey and Palace and snapped this shot of the inside of the Romanesque church nave, which was built in 1128 as part of the medieval Benedictine monastery. This place is one of the most important cultural and historical sites in Scotland.  Continue reading “Dunfermline Abbey Church, Dunfermline, Scotland”