Tudor Royal Family Coat of Arms Christmas Ornament

This is one of my best sellers. It is a photo of the Tudor family coat of arms that appears in the stained glass window of the dining hall of Lincoln College, Oxford. I stayed in Lincoln College for a couple weeks over the course of 4 summers as my husband was working on his Master’s degree in English Literature there during the summer months.

Daffodowndilly poem with watercolour illustration

A friend recently commissioned a calligraphy piece for her baby’s nursery room. She asked for A.A. Milne’s Daffodowndilly poem with a watercolour illustration next to it of daffodils, variegated tulips and trillium. I used the Garlic Butter typeface as the basis for this hand-lettered script. I am not often completely happy with my work but this piece came out much to my satisfaction.

©Letizia Morley 2019

Grace prayer with rosemary border

In June I was commissioned by my church, Saint Andrew’s Scottish Episcopal Church in St Andrews, to create a goodbye present for a long-time congregation member who was moving way. They wanted the grace prayer and some sprigs of rosemary (her name was Rosemary) along with the Diocese of St Andrews coat of arms. There are a few purple rosemary flowers scattered throughout and some bees since our rector keeps bee hives.

© Letizia Morley 2019

Seaweed and Seashell painted border

I have an upcoming commission from a local Pilates & yoga studio that wants a large chalkboard decorated with a sea-inspired border and the timetable of classes. After a few sketches, this is what the owner of the studio liked. I decided to make this digital version into its own thing since I liked it so much. Very summery.

© Letizia Morley 2019

Book of Durrow Celtic knot carpet page

This is a version of a ‘carpet page’ decoration in the Book of Durrow, an 8th century illuminated manuscript from the British Isles done in the Insular style. Carpet pages were pages where the illumination filled the entire space rather than having a mixture of writing and painting, and also the image looks rather like a carpet.

© Letizia Morley 2019