I’m based in St Andrews, Scotland and enjoy a wide variety of media and styles: photography, realist oil landscapes, watercolor still life, comics, drawing, digital painting, and medieval-style illuminated calligraphy. I am interested in Scottish themed art, the natural world and the Middle Ages, among many other things. These days I am working on Celtic style illuminated calligraphy the most.

You can purchase products featuring my art from Zazzle. US residents can visit www.zazzle.com/letiziamorley/products and UK residents can go to Www.zazzle.co.uk/letiziamorley/products

Zazzle is also available in many other countries. Simply type your country abbreviation after the “co.” in “www.zazzle.co.xx/letiziamorley”. Currency and language will be that of whatever country you’re in but not all my products are available across all countries.