Tudor Royal Family Coat of Arms Christmas Ornament

This is one of my best sellers. It is a photo of the Tudor family coat of arms that appears in the stained glass window of the dining hall of Lincoln College, Oxford. I stayed in Lincoln College for a couple weeks over the course of 4 summers as my husband was working on his Master’s degree in English Literature there during the summer months.

Daffodowndilly poem with watercolour illustration

A friend recently commissioned a calligraphy piece for her baby’s nursery room. She asked for A.A. Milne’s Daffodowndilly poem with a watercolour illustration next to it of daffodils, variegated tulips and trillium. I used the Garlic Butter typeface as the basis for this hand-lettered script. I am not often completely happy with my work but this piece came out much to my satisfaction.

©Letizia Morley 2019