Step 3 of Church Painting Commission: Final pen drawing

© Letizia Morley 2018

Stage 3 of my painting commission is me making sure every last pen line and dot is in place before I start the painting process. I lost count of the number of hours I spent on this! Continue reading “Step 3 of Church Painting Commission: Final pen drawing”

Step 2 of Church Painting Commission: Pen drawing

© Letizia Morley 2018

This commission turned out to be much more difficult that I expected, but I should have known that going in, of course. In an architectural space so intricate, the under-drawing needs to be the major element of the painting. I had to make sure that the drawing—now in this phase in pen—had to be as perfect as possible. I had to establish a vanishing point and painstakingly rule all the lines to converge there. Any lines off that grid would be pretty apparent. I am pretty happy with this so far.