Arbroath Abbey, Scotland

© Letizia Morley 2018

On a beautiful sunny afternoon following a dreary rainy morning, I visited Arbroath Abbey with my kids and had such a wonderful time! The ruins are similar to our very own St Andrews Cathedral but larger and with more extensive rooms & buildings surrounding the main church to explore. We have an Historic Scotland membership so we didn’t have to pay to go in. That said, I barely had time to look around and read the descriptions of things as my children and their friend ran like whirlwinds from one place to another, full of vigour and excitement. I didn’t have time to read what the Declaration of Arbroath (Declaration of Scottish Independence written in 1320) was, or the Stone of Destiny or the history of pretty much anything having to do with this site. Such is life with little kids. I enjoyed all that I did see, of course, and we had great fun seeing the Lego exhibit that was held in one of the towers, called ‘Brick Wonders’ by artist Warren Elsmore. These interesting Lego creations depict all kinds of sites and sights from around the world, from the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, to modern things like Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, Petra and more! That was worth visiting.

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