Art Exhibit at Saint Andrew’s Church, St Andrews

© Letizia Morley 2018

From 6th to 15th of April, I took part in an art exhibit which was part of a student arts festival called ‘On the Rocks’ here at the University of St Andrews. My installation was located in Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church (one of many venues) and the theme was ‘After the Call’, exploring what happens after you are led to do a vocation, pursuit or other such endeavour and you are pondering what the call means and what are the next steps. My installation included two of my comic books, one in particular having to bear directly on the theme. It was a story of how art and motherhood are oftentimes conflicting—sometimes in very literal ways—and how I have navigated life being called to both. The art supplies scattering around the table approximate my ‘home studio’, a set up featured in some pages of the comic books. The framed art print of one of my oil landscapes represents the artist in me wanting to have more time to do what I love but finding that pretty impossible for the pretty much my whole life until now. The painting is entitled ‘Distant Shore’. My longing to pursue art full-time is like standing looking at a distant shore and wondering how I’ll ever get there. I got lots of great feedback by people who came to see the exhibit and was very happy to get my name out there more than it has to date. There were many talented artists also in that exhibit and all of us put together were able to paint a very rounded and diverse idea of ‘after the call’.

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