Starry Night Cracker Butterfly (digital painting)

© Letizia Morley 2017

Digital painting of a Starry Night Cracker Butterfly, scientific name: Hamadryas laodamia. It can be found from Mexico all the way to the Amazon basin. I really really love the juxtaposition of the dark blue and light blue areas, as well as the even spacing of the light blue patches. Such a stunning butterfly.

Boy climbing rusty playground (photo)

© Letizia Morley 2017

The colors and patterns on this rusty playground are really interesting to me. The complementary colors of orange and blue, the patterns made by the rust, the odd shapes of the protrusions on this climbing wall. The boy’s feet at the top of the photo add another element of interest. This playground was at a park that has been largely abandoned.

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New Zazzle products for children: art prints and t-shirt

A new product in my Zazzle shop: Wood Matte Wall Panel of a Rubens style drawing.
Price: $61.45 in USD, not currently available in the UK. Dimensions: 8″ (length) x 8″ (width) x 0.75″ (height). Printed on MDF panels using UV high-res printing. Designed with a key-hole for easy hanging and finished with organically burnished sides.
“I’m-a-Saurus” Kids’ T-shirt of my Stegasaurus painting, comes in a variety of colors, from red, white and blue to key lime, lavender and raspberry. Standard fit, fits true to size, 100% combed ring spun with topstitched ribbed collar. Price: $16.75 USD and £12.40 UK.  For the UK product, go to
A cute watercolor painting printed on canvas for a kid’s bedroom or playroom.
Dimensions are 14″x11″ and 1.5″ thick. $90.60 in US and £67.15 UK. For the UK product, go to
Another wood panel wall art for a kid’s room. Dimensions: 8″ (length) x 8″ (width) x 0.75″ (height). Price: $58.00 USD. Currently not available in my UK store.
**Zazzle also is available in many other countries. Simply type in “” and fill in your country abbreviation after “co.”. Then you type in my name in the search bar and my products should come up. Currency and language will be that of whatever country you’re in but not all my products are available across all countries.

Map of Stony Brook School Campus (published work)

@ Letizia Morley 

This is a watercolor painting map I did for The Stony Brook School’s magazine. This is a beautiful independent school on Long Island, NY for grades 7-12, boarding and day. The magazine was featuring the trees planted on the campus and I was asked to paint a map that showcased the greenery in addition to the buildings.

© Letizia Morley 

In an alternate publication, this is my map printed in the arboretum walking trail guide with just descriptions of the trees. Interesting how the colors came out differently on this one.   Continue reading “Map of Stony Brook School Campus (published work)”