Model Sleeping on her Side (pencil drawing)

© Letizia Morley 2007

Going through the archives brings up all kinds of things I’ve forgotten I had done. This is one of the earliest portrait drawings I did in my first art class. Here is the model in the portrait drawing studio in a side lying pose. Considering all the possible poses a model could choose to hold over the course of three hours, this would be the top choice. Of course, it’s not really up to the model to choose so I think they secretly hope for the art instructor to go easy on them each time. Once I served as a model for a portrait painting class and that was it for me! Not as easy as it looks by any means! And it was really amusing to see what the art students’ finished paintings of me looked like. I didn’t realize I was a native Hawaiian! 😉 Continue reading “Model Sleeping on her Side (pencil drawing)”

Portrait of Girl in White Collared Shirt (Pencil drawing)

© 2008 Letizia Morley

Another drawing from the archives, done in 2008. The model got lost on the train on the way to the art school so there wasn’t enough time to complete the drawing. This drawing class was only once a week for 3 hours at a time so I definitely felt pressure to finish quickly. But you know, if you get the shadows and light in just the right places, that goes a long way into making a drawing or painting seem more finished and, if you’re lucky, life-like.  Continue reading “Portrait of Girl in White Collared Shirt (Pencil drawing)”

Portrait of Girl looking upward (pencil drawing)

© Letizia Morley 2008
This is done early on in my first drawing class back almost 9 years ago. It was the first time I took a formal art class (a once-a-week course designed for adults), despite my whole childhood spent drawing and painting as a hobby. It was hard to unlearn some of the bad habits I had developed over time but so worth the effort!  Continue reading “Portrait of Girl looking upward (pencil drawing)”

Dunfermline Abbey Church Romanesque West Door, Dunfermline, Scotland

© Letizia Morley 2017

The last in a series of posts about the Dunfermline Abbey. I was impressed by the solidity of this door and the staggered arches. Romanesque architecture relied on semicircular arches to support the massive and thick walls.

img_2562  Continue reading “Dunfermline Abbey Church Romanesque West Door, Dunfermline, Scotland”

Dunfermline Abbey Church Side Aisle, Scotland

© 2017 Letizia Morley

It was twilight in the church of Dunfermline Abbey as I hastily took this photo. Besides a couple lights along the walls, the ancient church was dark and silent. This part of the church is not used, so the interior of the building is completely empty of pews, altars, paintings, statues. Imagine the echoing footsteps of the last tourists of the day, the last cold rays of January light filtering down from the small high windows, the solid pillars keeping watch over the royal graves inside. Robert the Bruce, the king of Scotland from 1306 to 1329, lies here.

Dunfermline Abbey Church, Dunfermline, Scotland

© 2017 Letizia Morley

I recently visited Dunfermline Abbey and Palace and snapped this shot of the inside of the Romanesque church nave, which was built in 1128 as part of the medieval Benedictine monastery. This place is one of the most important cultural and historical sites in Scotland.  Continue reading “Dunfermline Abbey Church, Dunfermline, Scotland”